How to Clean Cariuma Sneakers?

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How to Clean Cariuma Sneakers

With their comfortable cotton canvas upper and grippy rubber sole made from recycled materials, Cariuma sneakers have become a favorite for the sustainably minded.

But after weeks of wear, dirt, stains, and odor can accumulate.

Luckily, Cariuma’s thoughtful construction holds up well to cleaning.

Using the proper techniques and mild cleaners, you can safely wash canvas or suede Cariuma uppers, scrub away gritty buildup on soles, and deodorize interiors.

We’ll outline tips for hand cleaning, removing stains, and protecting finishes so those sneakers stay looking crispy white and brand new.

Take Stock of Upper Materials

Cariuma uppers are either soft cotton canvas or suede, with rubber outsoles and cotton laces.

Inspect your shoes before cleaning to identify problem areas like stains.

Canvas can handle a bit more vigorous scrubbing, while care should be taken around suede.

Also, remove any removable insoles to clean separately later.

This prevents dirt from becoming further embedded inside shoes.

Gather gentle yet effective cleaning supplies

Skip the harsh detergents and abrasive brushes that could jeopardize materials.

Opt for:

Mild liquid hand or dish soap

Soft bristle cleaning brush

old toothbrush for spot stains

Microfiber cloth for drying

Baking soda for deodorizing

Suede eraser for suede scuffs

Gently hand wash the uppers with soap and water

In a sink or tub, dilute a small amount of mild soap, like dish detergent, into cool water.

Using your soft brush dipped in this solution, gently scrub the canvas or suede upper in small circles.

Pay extra attention to the sides, toe, and heel.

For stains, use a damp old toothbrush to gently spot scrub.

Rinse shoes thoroughly after washing to remove all soap residue.

Scrub Away Grime on Soles and Grooves

With Cariumas upside down, re-wet your brush into the soapy mixture.

Use a stiff bristle brush now to vigorously scrub the carved rubber outsoles, targeting any grime in tread grooves or edges.

Rinse under running, cool water until the water runs completely clear, showing no traces of debris or suds left behind.

Freshen and deodorize interiors

Once shoes are fully air-dried outside, sprinkle a light coating of baking soda in the interior overnight before shaking out excess powder.

This will help absorb odors and wick away moisture.

You can also use cedar shoe trees after cleaning to draw out moisture and maintain the shape of Cariuma sneakers while they are not being worn.

Finish by protecting materials

Apply a fresh waterproofing spray to the clean upper to protect against future dirt and stains.

For any scuffs on suede models, use a specialized suede eraser while the material is still slightly damp.

With the proper techniques and products, you can keep your Cariuma sneakers looking box-fresh and sustainably sound.

Consistent cleaning protects the shoes and the environment by extending their usable lifespan even further.

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