How To Style Christian Louboutin Sneakers

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How To Style Christian Louboutin Sneakers

Christian Louboutin’s iconic red-soled heels may be the brand’s most famous staple.

But their expansive sneaker collections demonstrate how statement-making Louboutin’s kicks can be.

With creative styling, their sneakers become the focal point of head-turning outfits.

This guide will provide pro tips for styling Christian Louboutin sneakers to help you confidently showcase their signature flair.

Complement the boldness

Louboutin sneakers make a dramatic impact.

Complement them with the simple basics:

  • With jeans or leggings, a fitted tee or tank keeps the look casual and cool.
  • A sleek black leather jacket adds edge. Oversized button-downs exude model-off-duty vibes.
  • Structured mini bags or small crossbodies balance proportions versus bulky totes.
  • Clean silhouettes allow the ornate sneakers to shine.

Play with proportions

  • The chunky soles of many Louboutin sneakers inspire fun proportions.
  • Style exaggerated platforms with skinny jeans, mini skirts, or short shorts to elongate legs.
  • Balance out the chunky footprint with an oversized sweater or coat for balance.
  • Try wide-leg or flared pants to exaggerate the taper from thigh to shoe.
  • Embrace proportions that show off the signature shoe shapes.

Dress up or down

Louboutin sneakers pair with everything:

  • For daytime, try denim cutoffs, knit dresses, or printed skirt pairings.
  • At night, pair with leather leggings and a blazer or sequin skirt and crop top.
  • Add some edge with lacy thigh highs or fishnets. Heels get love, but sneakers can be sexy too!
  • Day or night, Louboutin sneakers elevate looks.

Protect Your Investment

Keep pricey Louboutins looking fresh:

  • Use suede protector spray before wearing suede styles.
  • Fill stretch panels with shoe shapers when not worn to prevent creasing.
  • Wipe soles and uppers clean after each wear to prevent scuffs and stains.
  • Keep away from moisture. Store properly with shoe trees and dust bags.
  • With care, Louboutin sneakers maintain their value and wow factor.


With clever styling, Christian Louboutin sneakers become focal masterpieces worthy of their designer clout.

Their boldness commands attention, so keep the rest of your look clean and thoughtful.

Showcase Louboutin’s signature details through smart pairings.

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