What to Wear With New Balance Sneakers?

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What to Wear With New Balance Sneakers

New Balance has earned its reputation for creating comfortable, quality sneakers in timeless silhouettes that seamlessly pair with any wardrobe.

But elevating your style with New Balance kicks involves more than just throwing them on with any outfit.

Certain combinations complement these shoes better than others.

This comprehensive guide will provide tips on how to confidently style different New Balance sneakers, from heritage classics to fresh collaborations.

We’ll cover pairing with essential wardrobe staples, integrating textures and patterns, pulling off polished looks, accessorizing, and inclement weather outfits.

With the advice here, you’ll be inspired to step up your style game and get the most versatility from your New Balance collection.

Effortless Style with Wardrobe Basics

New Balance sneakers instantly elevate basic closet essentials while still retaining a laidback, sporty vibe.

Build easy outfits around these core items:


Wear classic blue washes or black or white denim in cuts like high-waisted, skinny, straight-leg, or bootcut.

Cuffing jeans show off the shoes.


Solid leggings in neutral hues like black, gray, navy, or olive green complement New Balance silhouettes.


Choose fitted joggers that taper at the ankle to avoid bunching at the shoes.

Stick to versatile gray, camel, army green, or black.


Lean on the simplicity of well-fitted crewneck tees.

Opt for versatile neutrals, pastels, or jewel tones.

Hoodies and sweatshirts

Cozy up in hoodies and sweatshirts with minimal branding.

Focus on versatile tan, gray, black, olive, or blush shades.

Dresses and rompers

From flowy midi dresses to sporty zip-up rompers, these provide an unexpected pairing.

The minimalist nature of basics keeps the shoes center stage in your outfit.

Strategic Use of Texture and Patterns

While essentials pair effortlessly with New Balance sneakers, adding strategic texture takes your look up a notch.

Cable Knit Styles

Choose chunky cable knit sweaters, cardigans, or accessories for the colder months.

The heritage vibe complements retro-NB styles.

Waffle and thermal knives

Finer waffle knit tees and thermals work in warmer weather.

Their grid design subtly contrasts the shoes’ curves.

Fuzzy Sweaters

Pair New Balance with fuzzy angora, mohair, or alpaca sweaters for a playful texture.

Opt for crewneck or v-neck styles.

Subtle Plaids and Prints

Look for small-scale check or plaid prints on button-ups, blouses, or pants.

Houndstooth and gingham are timeless options.

Keep patterns tonal and sized proportionately, with the shoes as the main focus.

Avoid competing prints.

Creating polished looks

Contrary to common assumption, New Balance shoes can be worn in refined, polished appearances appropriate for the office or special occasions.


Ankle-length trousers in linen, wool blends, or twill look sharp when paired with leather or suede from New Balance.


Tuck in a crisp solid or subtly striped button-up shirt and add a belt.

Roll sleeves for a relaxed yet polished vibe.


Pull together tailored looks by layering them with a structured blazer.

Solid neutrals, subtle herringbone, or tweed fabrics work well.


New Balance pairs nicely with fit-and-flare dresses, wrap styles, or fit-ted sheath silhouettes.


Elevate your look with layered necklaces, hoops, or a watch.

Stick to delicate gold, silver, or tortoiseshell jewelry.

The combination of luxe fabrics with retro sneakers creates a fashion-forward contrast perfect for both work and play.

Thoughtful New Balance Accessorizing

No New Balance outfit is complete without the perfect accessories to finish the look.


On-trend backpacks infuse schoolyard nostalgia into grown-up outfits.

Seek retro canvas, leather, or nylon styles.

Baseball Caps

Vintage logos or solid color caps reference New Balance’s sports DNA.

Contrast the cap color with shoe shades.

Statement Socks

Make your shoes the focal point by opting for socks with graphic stripes, pops of color, or retro logos.

Sporty Accessories

Leather Apple Watch bands, running belt bags, or reflective sunglasses add functionality.


Chunky sneakers or chain link jewelry that references the ‘80s and ‘90s perfectly complements New Balance.

Limit accessories to two or three statement pieces to avoid looking overly busy or matching.

Ideal New Balance Outfits for Inclement Weather

New Balance sneakers easily transition into functional outfits for rainy or colder weather.

Rain Coats

Weatherproof jackets like trench coats or parkas keep you dry without hiding shoes.

Opt for neutral tones or colorful slicks.


Swap shorts for weatherproof joggers, cargo pants, or brightly colored rain pants as temperatures drop.


Beat the chill while showing off kicks by layering jeans under overalls or patterned water-resistant pants.

Hats and gloves

Cold-weather accessories like beanies, ball caps, gloves, and mittens add function while complementing shoes.

The retro sporty vibe of New Balance suits functionality-focused, inclement weather style.

Top New Balance Classics to Style

While New Balance offers an extensive selection of sneakers, these heritage classics are surefire options for style.

574 Core: These leather retro runners started it all in 1988. Timeless.

990v5: Premier heritage running shoe featuring next-level comfort technologies.

1500: A vintage road running icon from the ‘70s, perfected for lifestyle wear.

624: Reimagined trail shoe, first popular in the ‘90s. Chunky dad shoe styling.

57/40: Lifestyle takes on the iconic courtside basketball shoe first introduced in the ‘80s.

2002R Protection Pack: Rain-ready ripstop and reflective modern upgrades to a ‘02 classic.

550: Best-selling retro basketball-inspired lifestyle sneaker from 1989.

Each model has its distinct personality to take casual, laidback outfits up a notch.

Styling New Balance Collaborations and Special Editions

Beyond classics, New Balance frequently teams up with buzzy designers, retailers, and entities to create unique limited-edition collaborations.

These specialty sneakers require more styling intention to do them justice. 

Some tips:

  • Match NB collabs that feature loud prints, colors, or graphics with tonal, neutral basics that let them stand out.
  • Designers like Salehe Bembury bring a high fashion flair that pairs nicely with matching brand aesthetic clothes.
  • J.Crew and other retailers design capsules ideal for smart, casual, polished outfits.
  • Models celebrating hometowns like the Boston or NYC packs inspire representing local teams.
  • Anime, movie, and television-inspired models require coordinating outfit colors and graphic tees.
  • The artful mashup of classic sneakers with fresh, creative spins demands next-level styling. Do your rare kicks justice.

Common New Balance Styling Questions

Is it okay for me to wear New Balance sneakers to work?

Yes, more workplaces now allow stylish sneakers. Opt for leather styles and minimal colors. Pair with tailored pieces like trousers and button-ups.

What pant styles pair best with New Balance shoes?

Jeans, khakis, joggers, and leggings complement New Balance sneakers. Opt for properly tapered legs that don’t bunch over shoes.

Do New Balance sneakers work with dresses?

Certain New Balance models balance dressier dresses beautifully for unexpected style. Choose sleek retro runners versus bulky dad shoes for the best effect.

Should socks be worn with New Balance?

No-show or short ankle socks keep feet comfortable without hiding shoes. Statement socks add flair. Avoid long sports socks.

Are New Balance sneakers unisex?

Many styles work well for all genders. Wider widths accommodate both individuals. Collaborations offer unique takes for diverse tastes.


New Balance offers seemingly endless styling possibilities thanks to its vast classic selection and fresh limited collabs.

Use the tips in this guide to inspire chic outfits ranging from minimalist casual to refined professional.

Find your favorite models, then build looks around the basics, textures, and accessories with intention.

With creativity, New Balance sneakers will become your new go-to footwear on and off duty.

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